Ingredients-do you know what is in your skin and haircare?

After 35 years in the salon industry I became allergic to many products. My husband, Dr Anthony Cortez, recommended that I look at all the ingredients and start eliminating everything, then reintroducing products until I found the culprit. It was a surprise to me that the touted more natural products we were using were causing the problems. This led to my discovery that many of the so called "natural" products were not so natural after all!

Moraccanoil was one of the the biggest offenders! The main ingredient is Silicon!!!! WHAT!!!!

I was shocked that Silicon, artificial color and fragrance were above Aragon Oil!!! The Silicon ended up being the biggest problem for me. This led to my breaking down what is good in a product and using only that. That then led to my sharing this with my clients. Many of whom want to stay healthy by eliminating unnecessary chemicals from our skin and hair.

There is a reason they use these chemicals! They make products cost less, extend the shelf life, keep the product from separating and more. The problem we have with making the all natural La Vida products is that you have to take the time to shake and use them up, not store them. It is important to keep out of heat and sun as well. The reward is nutrition for your skin and hair! No carcinogens or chemicals that will go through your bloodstream and potentially cause harm.

My favorite blend is Aloe-Argan. This has the healing benefits of liquid Aloe and pure Argan oil only! Mix a dab of Super Skin Plus for the unruly hair or super dry skin. This makes a great cocktail!


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