Coronavirus and Essential Oils

After making the mistake of going to Costco this last weekend on the last of coupon day and amidst Coronavirus scare, I went home (with my extra water supply because everyone else was stocking up) and put the Immunity blend in my diffuser. I think everyone is overreacting to this scare, I mean really? Stock up on water? Are the faucets in your house going to shut off? I am not going to fear monger so I will just say that I prefer not to even get the common cold! La Vida Essentials blend of Immunity is similar to what thieves used in the 1400’s to avoid getting the plague. These herbs were put in masks and then they could successfully go in and rob the sick, dying and dead.

Today with modern technology the risks are way lower that we will get that sick but I use this blend to strengthen my immunities and keep the air around me free from germs. Because of its antibacterial, anti fungal properties my husband and I rarely get sick and when we do it is short lived. Many multi-marketing companies sell the same quality oil for lots more than we do. Immunity is similar to Young Living brand which costs $35-$45 for 15 ml. Immunity is only $22.00! And you are supporting a small business. Love Lavender is the top seller for La Vida Essentials. Out of 39+ types of lavender, I picked the one with the best scent and the other with the best Therapeutic values. This makes the blend the best and highest of quality. While they don't necessarily cure anything it is beneficial to use these wonderful smelling and therapeutic oils.

Special spring price for diffuser kits!

Aroma Ace and Zepher nebulizer have the most impact as it is not a water diffuser. It breaks the essential oil molecule down and releases more of the essential oil into the air than the water modules do.

Aroma Ace has settings so that when you fill the bottle it runs until out. I usually change it once a month! Run on high it will use up quicker…

$140.00 Aroma Ace diffuser, Immunity and Love Lavender-value is $165!

or Ace with Relax, Take a Breath and Citrus Fresh for $150-Value $180

$85 Zepher Nebulizer With Immunity and Lavender

$105 value. With Relax, Take a Breath and Citrus Fresh it is $120

$70 Spa Vapor+ Water ultrasonic 8 hour deluxe model with Immunity and Love Lavender. $85 value. Great if you need a humidifier at night. With Relax, Take a Breath and Citrus Fresh it is $100.

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