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Our story: Due to skin cancer I found it necessary to eliminate all market products. Rashes and sensitivity became a real problem. The answer was found through elimination of chemicals in products. The results were immediate! As a stylist and salon owner of over 30 years I have incorporated the benefits of these products for the last couple of years for myself and my clients. 

The response has been overwhelming! My husband, Dr. Anthony Cortez D.C.,  has helped me with the chemistry education and background to understand what is in a product and how it effects the body. His support with Chemistry and Biology background helped greatly in making a fantastic product.  

I work with the highest quality ingredients available to me to provide the healthiest hair and skin. Making small batch products and keeping it local for better concentration and freshness will remain my goal. 

None of my products are tested on animals.

Thanks for supporting your local small business! 

Dr. Anthony and Elisse Cortez

La Vida Essentials

About: About Us
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