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Everything Is Coming Up Roses

Everything Is Coming Up Roses

100ml-New luxury dark violet bottles are a thick black look glass with premium sprayer.  But this is not just a beautiful bottle, the ingredients are top shelf!  The addition of Rose Otto and Geranium makes it more potent than just the  rose water alone. This bottle should be saved and refilled or reused for sustainabillity.


Shake and Spray.


100ml This is not diluted! Only the best quality ingredients. Rose water, Rose Damascane, Rose Otto, and Geranium(Pelargonium graveolens).


The use of rose water goes back to the ancient egyptians!


Benifits of Rose on your skin?

Hydrates giving a refreshed look and maintains the ph balance making it great for all skin types

Anti-aging: Helps keep the fine lines and wrinkles away

Antioxidant: Helps to strengthen skin cells and regenerate tissue

Astringent: Helps clean pores and tone

Anti-bacterial: Aids in healing scars, cuts and wounds

Apply after steaming to help tighten cappilaries, reduce redness and blotchiness

Spray on pillow to help sleep better 

It even helps your mood! Premotes emotional well-being and relaxation


This is not a fragrance, that being said the scent will not last as long as an unatural fragrance. You will get all the benifits of a natural unprocessed product instead. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and needs to be taken care of. 





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