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Super Skin Blend-50ml

Super Skin Blend-50ml

A blend that soaks in and is like veggies for the skin and hair!

Small batch, fresh pure ingredients and high quality. No preservatives, binders or other chemicals. Just Apricot Kernel, Sunflower, Jojoba and Carrot Seed Oil. Cold pressed and unrefined.

Use after shower to skin and hair or any time needed. Add a drop to your favorite lotion to boost benifits, and hydrate skin longer. 


For a scalp treat-massage into scalp at night and wash in am or 10-30 minutes before shampooing. Work a small drop into frizzy or dry hair to add protection and shine. 

Earthy Carrot Seed Oil in this blend makes this perfect for sun and fun as it adds a bit of natural protection. The carotenoids found in sunflower oil help in the prevention of uterine, lung and skin cancers. They provide a good source of Vitamin A.


Apricot kernel helps skin retain moisture, reduce inflamation, strengthen weak hair strands and premote healthy follicles. The antioxidants ruduce oxidative stress in the skin. This can reduce age spots, anti aging, help to prevent cullular mutation and speeds up healing.


Jojoba sooths sunburn, reduces inflammation, fights free radical damage and helps with dandruff. Because it instantly absorbs into the skin it protects skin cells and protects them from losing moisture. 


The benefits are many with this blend.
Free radical fighting, Anti inflammatory, balances sebum production, anti oxidant, anti itch, shrinks pores, helps psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and much, much more!


New violot Infinity bottle keeps the light out, preserves and protects natural ingredients longer. Afraid of glass? These bottles are strong! I will not say they will not break but I have had several drops and so far no damage to the bottles. 

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